torsdag 14 februari 2013

-No Linden Lab this is too poorly!
OBR laggy already at 20 avatars only!

If you can´t walk with twenty avatars at the dancefloor it´s a technological disaster
Protest against violence and
Linden Lab

On the way to the dance floor where more than a hundred avatars feet started going by itself and I had to restart that helped.
Logged in again met with other avatars with the same problem. Extremely slow rez. There were many who walked in syrup or glue.
Now we were about twenty avatars on four sims How will it be when we are expected to be several hundred just on the dance floor?
Unfortunately, the same problems we have experienced so many times before at the big events. SL7B, SL8B, SL9B, Burn2 and many more.
Let's hope Linden Lab solve the problem quickly. They sleep the now in Los Angeles. They wakes first at 18.00 CET

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