lördag 10 december 2011

Wonder Woman to the last breath!

-Vanadis proudly present highlights in english.
Delindas boat and the lights remain and remind us of a strong woman
Let's take
care of

each other 
this Christmas!

Sometimes I have devoted myself to island hopping by boat in Second Life. There are over 100 sailing sims who are linked. Most very well made . 
I sailed in New England came to a river which I followed. Behind a bend there was a boat at a pier. Nothing unusual about that. Just that there were candles, a picture of a woman and a large sign that read "Be a lifesaver." 
-Here's a story! Got hold of the person who made the monument and asked. It turned out that it was a fantastic story about a woman who never gave up despite life-threatening disease and constant need of care. That although it used her last time to create not only a monument to herself but the possibility of life for many generations to come.
Delinda Dyrssen (Denise Williams) died last year on 20 November.  
The cause was a heart attack, a complication after a kidney transplant. Delinda was trying to promote a global common kidney database to increase transplants for the needy. Delinda was also a driving force in the sail and the music world in Second Life, organized competitions and shows.
Delinda was suffering from a "dying kidney" and needed a transplant. She also had a rare blood type as the normal waiting period for her was 3-7 years. Not even her brother's kidney was suitable.
Her kidney doctor said that about 20% of those awaiting transplants die after 6-10 years of dialysis. These long dialysis times depends on the difficulty of getting the right kidney to the right person. The kidneys are somewhere in the world but none knows where.
After her transplant and recovery, she talked with her doctor who pleaded for an international registry to match kidney donors and with each other.
Now was not Delinda a woman who was resting on its laurels. Her brother had started a charter airline that Delinda flew all over the world and met the right people to advocate for their donation records. They flew to Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, Singapore, Australia, Hawaii and back home again in a few weeks to try to create this record.
Delinda has described her trip as a diary and you can read all of her gripping tale on her blog; afk but not for long! Do not miss clicking through the various links.
Delindas last blog post she wrote November 13, 2010 about a rock festival, she arranged the day before. That night she suffered a heart attack as a complication of kidney transplantation fell into a coma and died ten days
Delinda, we will not remember that she died but for the outstanding contribution she made when she was alive.
Link to the organization that promotes global renal registry; Kdigo

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  1. There was a concert in SL today 12 : 30am slt/pst Dec 10 Wytchwhisper Sings an hour set for delindas memorial... Maybee they are going to have more concerts. Remarkable lady.

  2. -I mentioned that concert in the Swedish edition but when I calculated the SL-time to CE-time I got strange results this time .
    -There are such amazing women that make me ashamed of my whining over a broken nail